Who Needs Good Credit?

The important thing to recognize is that good credit is an absolute must, it’s not an option.
When you have poor credit it actually costs more to live… a lot more.

For Example:

  • Higher deposits for cable, electricity and water.
  • Higher deposits for an apartment.
  • Higher health, home and auto insurance premiums.
  • Employment opportunities can be affected by poor credit.
  • Higher interest rates on loans.… the list continues


Don’t be a victim to flaws in the credit reporting system.
Let International Credit Consultants credit repair help you get the score you deserve.

What This Means To You:

  • No more letters of denial by banks and lenders due to bad credit.
  • Dramatically reduce interest rates compared to what you’re paying now.
  • The financial freedom that you deserve.
  • More cash and savings.
  • Becoming a home Homeowner.
  • Save cash for your child’s college expenses.
  • No more embarrassing moments… like the one that took place when you were turned down for a cell phone because you didn’t meet the credit requirements.

Although you’re paying on time with your creditors every single month, the debt continues to pile up and your account balances are actually getting larger and larger due to high interest rates, even though you’re not using your credit cards for purchases.


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